Ad Policy

Our apps and website are 100% ad free.
We offer limited sponsored content spots in our weekly update newsletter shared by email and on our social media accounts.
We do so because we believe in the value of connecting our userbase with other great products and companies.

Book a slot from the left panel to proceed to submit an ad campaign. Or, learn more about our userbase and campaign guidelines below:

Market Sensei is a fast-growing finance platform, with 16,323 registered investors trusting it to grow over $1,431,755,622 of disposible funds.

On average, our users spend 20+ minutes a day in our apps & site; with at least 4 sessions a day and over 5 minutes each session.

1. What are the Market Sensei ad policy guidelines?

ii.) We do not accept campaigns aimed at persuading users to trade particular stocks or securities.
iii.) We do not accept campaigns that may interfere with our users investment decision making.
iii.) We apply our ad policy equally to all submissions.
iv.) We are 100% transparent about our sponsored content program.
Our review process ensures campaigns meet the guidelines and are in line with the platform's mission.

Maintaining a high quality, transparent and reliable platform is our top priority.
It is the reason our userbase trusts the platform and the reason why it has great organic growth.

2. What does a sponsored content spot include?
i.) A description of your product or service.
ii.) The website URL you want spot click to link to.
iii.) An image(350px * 250px) you'd like to be included in your slot.

If you have questions, feedback, suggestions or special requests, contact us: